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About the QC Makerspace

This guide will introduce you to the makerspace. Like most things this guide is a 'work in progress' & is continually updated.

The QC Makerspace is a hands-on learning lab inside Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library at Queens College (CUNY). We are located on Floor 1 in Room 101.

Our goal is to provide a safe working environment where students, staff, and faculty can learn through direct experimentation – as well as from each other – using technologies or pursuing activities that are otherwise unavailable through other means.

In the spirit of libraries serving as a place to gather and collaborate, our facility is an inclusive space that serves the diversity of the liberal arts students of Queens College. We celebrate our differences and the ambition to learn new skills by working with others.

Over time we will add content (images, videos, tips & tricks, troubleshooting) to guides hosted here, with the aim to empower you with as much 'hands-on' information as we can. That said, we cannot document every possible step along the way, and many things you will simply have to experience yourself – or, for example, by talking with your peers for advice, watching YouTube videos for tips, reading forums to troubleshoot issues related to your project, etc.

At this time our primary audience are QC community (faculty, staff, & students). We are unable to support users from other CUNY campuses. Thanks for your understanding.