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Getting Started with 3D-Printing

There are many slicing softwares.

They all use standards like the import function, saving the project, etc.

For the most part our screenshots and examples will focus on 3 software packages:

Cura, MakerBot Print, and PrusaSlicer

These 3 programs 'talk' to the bulk of our printers, but some printers may have printer-specific software - that is software designed for and only capable of 'talking' to one brand of printers.

As a user you are of course free to use whatever software you want as long as it 'talks' to the printer. As we noted there are many slicing softwares, including but not limited to:

  • Cura
  • Slic3r
  • IceSL
  • Z-Suite
  • SelfCAD
  • Repetier 
  • KISSlicer
  • OctoPrint
  • AstroPrint
  • CraftWare
  • ideaMaker
  • Simplify3D
  • PrusaSlicer
  • SliceCrafter
  • 3DPrinterOS
  • MatterControl
  • Tinkerine Suite
  • MakerBot Print
  • Netfabb Standard

Now you see what we mean - there are MANY slicing softwares! We cannot document them all, so instead we only focus on concepts of slicing and best practices. You are free to learn on your own as needed.